Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Photo Journals

Hey there folks...yes it has been a while. I am here today to talk about family photo journals. I cannot speak for you, but my family and I have boxes filled with photos from brownie cameras, polaroid, and more recently, prints from digital camera...that is because we do not have enough wall, mantel, or end/coffee table space to display them all, but they are all represent various and pertinent pieces of our lives. When, where, and how do we find the time, creativity, and energy to display them or, better yet, put them into a medium which can easily be passed from one generation to the a visual legacy? Well, it all begins with understanding the importance of family relationships, events, and data which you have decided are significant to your family journal. Hire a professional to do a session of current photos which show the strong bond and relationship of your nucleus family and branch out to the extended family. Then incorporate the current photos with the ones in the boxes to create hardcover books and videos to begin your family photo journals. They can be shared with family and friends digitally as well via personal web pages, social media, etc... Visual communication across the miles is sure to bring lots of smiles. :-) I am a poet and did not know it. LOL. Hope you enjoy these photos.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Back with "family" photography

I have been very busy photographing, photographing, and more photographing.  I am so blessed to be able to have so many willing subjects.  This new post is a exhibit of family...more precisely brothers.  The photo shoot was in studio and on location.  My intent was to depict each brother's individual personality...and, of course, to provide their parents with photos capturing their boys in a good light.  We had so much fun, which made for a good shoot.  I let them lead the way and caught it through my lens.  Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011's about time! LOL, but I'm back with a vision!

Thank you all for continuing to follow me or even just viewing my blog.  I have been quite the busy bee, shooting, learning, shooting, and learning, and so on.  I have been out talking to folks about what they are looking for in the way of visual images.  What I am finding out is that folk are so consumed in arranging and coordinating their special events and moments that they do not take adequate time to insure that this time is preserved and is never forgotten...I am speaking of the special moments that you just had to be there for.  Well, my charge is to capture the moments in the best light and preserve them in a way that truly tells your story, so you can go about the business at hand…such as nurturing your babies, attending christenings, celebrating birthdays, attending school dances, graduations, etc…  

The journey of our children is our real legacy.  I put together this video to depict the beauty of family from maternity to teens.  Now I can only take credit for the photos.  Full audio credit goes to the extraordinary talents of Mr. Ben Tankard and his rendition of, "What the World Needs Now," on his "Play a Lil" Song for Me" CD.   HOPE YOU ENJOY!  GOD BLESS!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Business Portraits with DeeLee

A marvelous Monday to you all!

Your visual image is an important doorway to market perception, as well as branding, in today’s fast paced business arena.  Corporate and executive portraits displayed on the internet and print portfolios, bios, business cards, etc… are your introduction to the world when a face-to-face meeting is not available.  Your photos must compliment and align with your “best-in-class” business.  The vision and/or niche of each business have their own unique look and feel and this persona should be portrayed in the photos. 

DeeLee Photography makes it a point to visit the business site or observe my clients at work on location to get to know what makes their hearts beat prior to scheduling a photo session.  If it is agreed that we have a mutual understanding of the vision and that I am the photographer for them, we envision the portrait scenes as a team.  The next step is to produce the right portraits for the right visual images.

Best Regards,
Deborah “DeeLee”  Maley
CEO & Creative Director,
DeeLee PHOTO & VIDEO, Great Opportunities LLC

Monday, March 21, 2011


On location photography sessions present a choice of unique character and natural backdrops.  There are wide array locations in Georgia, which include streams, waterfalls, rustic buildings, etc…  In my past sessions, my clients and I have found bridges, streams, covered bridges, and open fields to be especially ECLECTIC.    

The park shown in these photos is BEAUTIFUL and makes for a wonderful on location backdrop for a plethora of genres from business, model, entertainment portfolios to family, weddings, engagement, etc… photography sessions. Each photo session is rendered unique as we take on the individual personalities of each client as the creative catalyst. The idea is to create wonderful professional photos with a variety creative candid poses and lighting techniques, which ultimately deliver unforgettable moments which become a special part of your family legacy chronicles. I love testimonials received about how family and friends were delighted when viewing the end products.

I am truly honored when I am privileged enough to partner with clients to create such important and personal memories.  I always walk away feeling like I have yet another extended family and always look forward to the next session.

Happy Monday and My Very Best to You!
Deborah “DeeLee”    Maley
CEO & Creative Director,
DeeLee PHOTO & VIDEO, Great Opportunities LLC

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to my journey!


I continue to learn helpful techniques and tips from colleagues (photographers, stylists, makeup artists, etc…) as well as from each of my clients.  As my vision evolves, I find my self leaning towards a more personal and journalistic style…art that touches hearts and uplifts the unsung heroes of the world.  

Whenever I am not busy with workshops or photo shoots, I attend public functions with camera in hand.  I am drawn to facial expressions and body language of loving and proud parents and their children.  I have taken hundreds of photos of children in parks, playgrounds, and other public places .

I have now developed a great passion for a family portraiture series, after an truly inspiring and fun afternoon of taking photos of a family member’s newborn and toddler…a whole new world opened up to me…a world in which I could create timeless visual memories…from the heart …for families…for their legacy of love and special moments.  The love is there already…my job is to capture the mood of a moment or simply to capture the beauty of God’s great creations.  

I still love all types of professional photography today and take every opportunity to hone my craft in all areas...Future posts will include open discussion of photography for infants, children, and families. I humbly invite you join in.

Until then, have a blessed day and happy photographing!